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Well, as you know, rest a bit and from August 2 I started working again. I've been drawing on the tablet. Improving some old designs and preparing the new ones for the next update.

 This is the work plan:

  • Prepare the texts of the previous update for Trina to do the voices.
  • Create the scripts for the Halloween event and the ones that were missing for the event at the Magic Academy.
  • Digitize all the new drawings and add Amber and Nova's Halloween Skin.
  • Programming the in-game event and add all new content.

I hope to have it ready for Halloween along with all the missing content. As always I appreciate her trust and continued support of her on Patreon. If you don't see me very often on Discord, then I keep writing, and when I digitize everything I will broadcast it live.

Get Hard Love - Darkest Desire - Apha

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