Halloween Mini-Event

Nova getting ready to celebrate Halloween in this new world with Amber, and what a way she's going to celebrate. A mini event that the Patreons had already enjoyed since the beginning of this year. I had originally intended it as a standalone event, but the theme and connection to the story of day 4 made me include it. It could be said that it is an advance. I hope you enjoy this Halloween a lot and keep taking care of yourselves.

Note: You will be able to access the cutscene in the pumpkin next to Amber's house. If you just started the game just finish entering Amber's house, after not finding her, leave and the event will be available.

 I am also sorry that I could not comply with the update but I fell ill with Covid-19:

Well, how to start, first of all I don't want to worry you, I'm fine. The problem is that I fell ill with Covid-19 between February and March after reuniting with my family after the years we spent in confinement. I only had a slight irritation and a headache, but I attributed it to the cold wind on the day of the meeting. In the month of April, I started to feel a bit exhausted, I attributed this to how tired the update at the end of 2021 was and that was when I mentioned that I would slow down so I could rest. But I felt more and more tired. By May I began to feel discouraged and exhausted, I thought it was normal after all the confinement and the family and friends I had lost. I thought it was a temporary depression, but where I started to worry was one day when I was ready to continue writing the game script, I was like 2 minutes with a blank mind and I couldn't remember what I was doing. That's where I decided to go to the family doctor. After some tests and studies, we rule out any serious illness or disease. And that was when he mentioned to me that I could have had a sequel to Covid-19, chronic fatigue. He told me that the simplest solution was to get vaccinated and see if the symptoms went away. The problem is that in Mexico you cannot go to the pharmacy and buy a vaccine, you had to wait until the government bought them and carried out a vaccination campaign. That's why I didn't want to mention anything to them, until I was sure. At the end of last month I was able to get vaccinated, and it seems that the tiredness has been slowly disappearing. I am sorry for the inconvenience and the delay that this caused in the project. (It's the bad thing about working alone, there is no one else to continue if I'm sick.) For those who have followed me since the beginning of the project, they know all the hours and constant effort I have put into the project, even exaggerating and only stopping for an eye infection. It is something that affects my productivity and goes against my active personality. I hope to have the final update ready before the end of the year. Thanks for your understanding.


HL-DD [UPDATE-Halloween][WIN][Android].rar 377 MB
Oct 28, 2022
HL-DD [Halloween][MAC].part1.rar 900 MB
Oct 28, 2022
HL-DD [Halloween][MAC].part2.rar 211 MB
Oct 28, 2022

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