Early Update

Well this is an update for Patreons, it's a little taste of day 4 in-game.

It is an advance since there are still many new elements that I am preparing or that are still half-finished and I preferred not to include them for this reason. One of them and the most notorious is the option to look at the CG of the game from the initial menu. (I forgot to deactivate this menu that is not ready yet, like many other things.)

At the moment it is only available for Patreons or those that were previously available, the same code is used, both in Itch to unzip and in Steam to access the beta. I appreciate that you have taken your time to read me and expect much more content soon, or as soon as possible.


HL - DD [PATREON Early] Part 1 1 GB
Aug 11, 2023
HL - DD [PATREON Early] Part 2 172 MB
Aug 11, 2023

Get Hard Love - Darkest Desire - Apha


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please make a Android mobile version


its asking for a password when trying to unpack?

Thank you so much for the update to Hard Love, DeepBride! 

May much success follow in your endeavours <3


I really appreciate your words of support.