Well, here I bring you some progress inside the game. These are the new busts that will be added in the next update (Venus, Aby, Astadia, Amy y Margott.) I am also redesigning the combat and experience system within the game, as well as the items and equippable objects. I'm still working on more scenes and the progress of the story. Right now I don't have an estimated date for the next update as I want to make as few mistakes as possible and deliver more content. As always, I appreciate your attention and patience. In addition to all your support on Patreon to be able to continue. Thank you very much. PS: The new characters can be seen uncensored and with greater variations on Pixiv.

Get Hard Love - Darkest Desire - Apha


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If anyone is having trouble running the game on windows. The download isnt the top one (at least for me) its the .WIN android download. hope this helps someone in the future. Great game! :)