Update: Rework

Well, first of all, I have to thank the people who keep making this game possible, the Patreons who with their help month by month allow me to continue this story. Also, to all the people who follow the development of the game on Discord and those who have voted and given their positive reviews of the game on the different pages found.

It's been a year full of productive work, but I think you're wondering. If you've worked all year on the game. Why isn't there new content? Well, the answer is simple, get caught up in the so-called Development Hell. Because of my little experience in all the fields of making a video game. Develop the game on a fragile foundation. And proof of that, are the Bugs that many experienced, where the game closed after a few minutes of running it.

But thanks to the RPG Maker Mv software update to Mz this year, I had the opportunity to correct the mistakes I made in the game. Of course, this was not easy, I take about 500 hours of work on the new software, to this day, I think the work I have done to improve the game is remarkable. And it gives me a stronger foundation to continue building the game in the future.

For that reason, I could not include night 3 and 4, already many will have seen the scenes finished, the work is done, it is only a matter of scripting the events and creating the new maps. But I think I'm going to rest for a couple of weeks before we go on as I've been exhausted and unspired.

Here's a little bit of what I'm missing in this game review:

  • The art of twins Aby and Amy needs to be renewed just like the Queen's throne.
  • Nova's art in combat will be revamped to 2D animation.
  • Nova's Lingerie Skin is removed and replaced with Baby-doll, which appears for moments in this update.
  • The Fans' Art Gallery will be added later.
  • The Event Gallery with enhanced Venus art will be added later.
  • The game credits have not yet been added, as there have been many that have passed this year, in addition to the credits corresponding to the software, DLCs, music, Plugins. Uff is a huge list.

Now everything has been changed:

  • All in-game scenarios were aesthetically improved and playable.
  • Models from Amber, Nova, Liva, Ramtha, Basth, Luna and Queen Elizabeth were redesigned and updated.
  • Models of Ninva, Adrazellia, Hyusabi, Juliet, Rebecca, Roxana, Spindra, Trina and Veronica were made.
  • Added quest system, which can be turned on and off from the options menu.
  • Added Autosave system, which must be activated from the options menu or start menu for it to work. (Note: Don’t consume Amulets the autosave, only save the game each time we change map or location.)
  • Custom images were added to the save files, which allow you to get a better idea of how much they have progressed within the story or that they need.
  • Momentarily Amulets can be purchased with Dana at the market.
  • The difficulty of the game is balanced, now it is easier to win the fights.
  • 778 new voice lines have been added, including Amber, Nova, Maya, Trina and Ninva.
  • Texts have been adjusted to the screen in a more aesthetic way.
  • The colors within the game have become more vivid.

Ufff, basically the game was rework from 0. This is the version of the game that must have come out, but I think by rushing things and wanting to meet unreal deadlines, I didn't give him the time and affection he deserved. I think that spoiling you learn, which translated would be: The experience that I have gained throughout the development of the game.

Well, here I say good-bye for this month, I hope everyone is healthy and living in their homes with their families.

Have a great new year.


Hard Love - Darkest Desire Alpha-008Mz [MAC].rar 1,014 MB
Jan 01, 2021
Hard Love - Darkest Desire Alpha-008Mz [WIN].rar 986 MB
Jan 01, 2021

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Hmm, looks like my saves get deleted upon closing the game. Is anyone else experiencing this? Could it be something on my end like a file going missing or some suchy such?

The first time I hear of this type of error, it could be the antivirus (Normally the antivirus are the only ones that have the power to delete files that they consider dangerous or are not in their database, it can also be a virus.) The only one I can think of right now.

for some reason the Mac download won't allow me to open the game file after I've extracted the RAR

Is this game dead?

Nop, I have already 70% of the update completed.

that great! can't wait!

need more animation and more futa action.

when will the next update happen ? 


Hi, I have played your game before and wanted to redownload it to play the rework. When I try to play the game however i says "The code execution cannot proceed because nw_elf.dll was not found." How do I fix this problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Try this: .Dll If you download it and it is deleted or blocked by the antivirus. Change the permissions on the pc.

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So I can download it just fine, but when I try to move it into the game file folder it just disappears. I allowed both the game files and that specific file through my anti virus and the same thing still happens. Any idea what could be happening?

Edit: Turns out I'm dumb and had two different anti virus programs installed. I uninstalled one and set the permissions on the other. After that I redownloaded the game entirely. This time the missing file was there and the game launched. Thanks for the help in trouble shooting, I look forward to seeing this game progress, and if I get a job this summer expect a new patron!

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Hey! Hope you've had a nice New Year!

Anyways, could you please give us another full-clear save? The older one does not work in the new engine.

Also, the walktroughs on PornHub seem to have been taken down.

Stay safe =P

Thns!! ^U^