Hard Love - Darkest Desire - Alpha 007s

  • The function of skipping the sequence was added, you just have to press and hold the "X" key or the "B" button.

  • A new scene has been added with Melinda, to access it you just have to refuse to blow Maya. After meeting Melinda in the cave. (Note: this is part of the variations and different paths that the character can take along the game and that more will be added over time. (Karma + or -))
  • Nova's scene was added in the bathroom, you can access it using the bathroom in Amber's house. (Note: The necessary item can be purchased with “La’Dia” or “stolen” equally.)
  • Nova in the bathroom and Melinda's were added to the event gallery. (Note: “Dream Drops” can be achieved by defeating certain enemies.)
  • Some Nova voice lines were added.
  • Tutorials were added to improve armor and save the game.
  • Now all the tutorials can be consulted in the library of Amber's house.
  • An initial stone was added to Amber's house to improve the equipment.
  • More chests and amulets were added to the naked eye.
  • Saving spaces increased from 12 to 17.
  • More enemies were added to farm.
  • The combat is balanced a little more. (Note: He does not want to say that you face the enemy naked and without armor.)
  • A new “Sanvaste” fanart was added.
  • The “Cazadora” was added (Note: Character of a Patreon still in development), as a stone seller to improve the equipment.
  • The credit screen of the Patreons had to be divided because the names no longer fit on the screen, a second page will be added soon.
  • Proofreading and Localization
  • Luna & Dr. Nora
  • Amy & Aby
  • Baths & Alessa
  • Ramtha & Liva


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Jan 04, 2020

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